Canapé Menu

Menu suggestions for  cocktail party celebrations

  • Mixed grazing boards for wine and cheese nights – with a variety of cheese, deli meats,  fresh fruits, relish and and crackers    $150.00 + gst feeds approx 8-12         $260.00 + gst feed approx 15 -20 people
  • Grazing tables – Pricing starts from $25.00+ GST PER PRSON   Minimum of 40 people and contain the following: Mixed cheese selection and cheese ball, deli meats, antipasto items, fresh fruits, vegetable sticks, dips, relish, nut, honeycomb, fruit paste, fresh breads, crackers and crostini  – Add in extra finger food items, hot ham, slaw and fresh buns/ smoked salmon sides at an extra cost

Finger Food Canapès – $13.50 +GST PER PERSON 

  • Toasted crostini with beetroot, feta whip, sweet walnut and cress
  • Thai Green chicken fritters
  • Roast pear, blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto
  • Yorkshire pudding with horseradish cream, seared beef and onion jam

Finger Food Canapès – $16.50 + GST PER PERSON

  • Crostini with Blue cheese mousse, pear, walnut and rocket
  • Brioche with chicken liver pate and truffle butter with cress
  • Chilli prawn skewers
  • Slider with pork belly and cranberry

Finger Food Canapès – $18.00 + GST PER PERSON

  • Vegetable rosti with cream fraiche and Chilli prawn
  • Cherry tomato, boccocini skewers
  • Chorizo and bacon
  • Satay chicken skewers with fried shallots
  • Crostini with feta whip, quince paste and shave prosciutto

Finger Food Canapès – $20.00 +GST PER PERSON

  • Chicken and Mozzarella fritters
  • Yorkshire pudding with seared rare beef and horseradish topped with onion jam
  • Roast pear, blue cheese wrapped with prosciutto
  • Vegetable frittata topped with hummus and cherry tomato
  • Blinis with cream fraiche and salmon
  • Pork coriander and ginger dumplings

Finger Food Canapès – $25.00 +GST PER PERSON

  • Sliders with Pork belly and crackle
  • Marinated chicken drumsticks 
  • Crostini with Cream cheese and salmon 
  • Blueberry and Basil savoury tarts
  • Asparagus wrapped in bacon
  • Assorted Homemade pastry selection
  • Chicken and chive dumplings with dipping sauce (2 each)

Finger Food Canapès – $30.00 + GST PER PERSON

  • Yorkshire puddings with chive cream and salmon
  • Kudos sausage rolls (2 each)
  • Pork coriander and ginger dumplings and dipping sauce (2 each)
  • Marinated chicken nibbles (3 each)
  • Cherry tomato, bocconcini fresh basil skewers
  • Bao bun with Chilli prawn and coriander mayo
  • Cauliflower and onion bhaji with dipping sauce 

Add Finger Food Canapès Desserts
Prices START from $3.00 + GST PER ITEM

  • Chocolate brownie bites
  • Chocolate truffles with baileys
  • Caramel and berry tart topped with chocolate
  • Mixed Meringue tarts
  • Chocolate profiteroles and Salted caramel profiteroles
  • Lemon and white chocolate Panacotta
  • Donuts – ( Fresh and light) chocolate hazelnut or jam filled

Gluten Free. A lot of our items can be made
Gluten Free so please advise this when ordering.

Please note: Some of the more specialised items
need at least 2-5 days pre ordering from suppliers.

For more information contact Kylie on:
P: 03 545 8090
E: [email protected] 

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