Finger Food Menu

    Our finger food menu 

    • Club sandwiches
    • Chicken rolls/Ham rolls/Asparagus rolls (seasonal) 
    • Steam buns with Salmon or Chilli prawn
    • Sliders – Roast pork belly with crackle, roast beef or salmon
    • Assorted Homemade pastry savouries
    • Homemade Gourmet sausage roll pinwheels
    • Ricotta tarts topped with relish and brie
    • Asparagus, pear and brie pastry parcels (seasonal) 
    • Onion Bhaji with dipping sauce
    • Chicken nibbles – marinated
    • Chicken and Mozzarella fritters
    • Homemade croquettes with dipping sauce
    • Arancini balls with dipping sauce 
    • Feta whip with thyme and onion jam tarts 
    • Boccocini tomato and basil skewers
    • Pork, ginger and coriander dumplings with dipping sauce
    • Chicken and chive dumplings with dipping sauce
    • Roast pear, blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto
    • Bacon and holumi bites
    • Asparagus, streaky bacon wraps (in season)
    • Fillet mignons with dipping sauce
    • Chorizo and bacon
    • Satay chicken skewers
    • Sticky Asian Pork belly skewers
    • Scallops wrapped in bacon
    • Mini rosti with cream cheese and Chilli prawn
    • Salmon crepes
    • Blinis with cream fraiche and salmon topped with micro herb
    • Yorkshire puddings with rare beef and horseradish topped with onion jam
    • Chilli prawn skewers
    • Bamboo boats: Salmon salad, prawn salads or rare beef with Asian dressing

      Cheese selection

      • Assorted cheese, cold cuts, crackers & chutney
      • Assorted fresh seasonal fruits, cheese & nuts
      • Assorted cheese, pickles, cold cuts, Mediterranean styles, dips etc.

      Contact Kylie on 03 545 8090
      or email: [email protected]

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