Lunch and Lunchbox Menu

Kudos Lunches are great for all corporate or casual meetings, or just a treat for staff to say thanks for your hard work!

Below are popular lunch offerings and various prices.

Salad options – these come in black noodle bowls are healthy and delicious. Ingredients will change to match the seasons but generally come with the following:
~ The base: A green salad mix of spinach and rocket, mung beans fresh herbs shredded carrot and cucumber and Cherry tomato
~ Protein selections: marinated chicken, Smoked chicken, salmon, rare beef or vegetarian
~ Topped with goats feta and avocado – seasonal availability
~ Asian dressing and micro herbs
~ Easily made to dietary requirements are gluten free
$16.00 + gst

Add a healthy raw slice bite which covers all dietary issues with some fruit garnish add $5.00 + gst

Finger food suggestions:

Option A LUNCH

Minimum 10 people
Slider with cream fraiche and salmon
Vegetarian Risotto balls
Pork ginger and coriander dumplings  ( 2 each)
Sweet bite with fruit garnish
$15.50 + gst pp

Option B LUNCH

Minimum 10 people
Assorted Club sandwich (1 each)
Assorted homemade savouries (2 each)
Chicken, mozzarella lemon and thyme fritters
Yorkshire puddings with seared beef and horseradish
Sweet bite with fruit garnish
$18.00 + gst pp

Option C LUNCH

Minimum 10 people per group
Slider with rare beef, and chutney
Gourmet sausage roll pinwheels
Yorkshire pudding with salmon
Pork dumplings ( 2 each)
Satay chicken skewers
Slice with fruit garnish
$20.00 + gst pp

You can also go slightly different and have things – these do require plates and cutlery at extra charge if we are supplying:   Minimum of  10 people

~  Chicken Korma and rice with a sweet item and fresh fruit platter    $25.00 + gst pp
~  Satay chicken and rice with a sweet item and fresh fruit platter   $25.00 + gst pp
~  Lasagne, pear, sweet walnut, holumi rocket salad and fresh fruit platter $25.00 + gst pp
~  Beef Stroganoff and Papadelle Pasta with a sweet item and fresh fruit platter $25.00 + gst pp

Great convenient options for your corporate boardroom lunches, picnics, staff training and meeting days and seminars.

All $17.50 + gst Come served in our black catering boxes
For individual picnic boxes for traveling or picnics $18.50 + gst

~ Chicken, bacon and avocado wrap
~ Seared beef, onion jam and horseradish cream roll
~ Smoked salmon cream cheese roll
~ Smoked chicken brie and cranberry roll
~ Vegetarian options – please advise on numbers

All served with the following items
~ Fresh salad – fork and serviette
~ Sweet option
~ Fruit pieces ie strawberries and grapes or piece of fruit apples/bananas/pears/mandarins etc please advise

For gluten free options/raw options/refined sugar options/vegan options please see back to the top of the page for healthy tasty salad options

Minimum order of 10 boxes
no less than 5 per variety.

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