Menus for Ketokwick

 Menu for Friday 17th July    (orders close Wednesday night) 

  • Tandoori lamb with cauliflower rice and broccoli 
  • Spiced Beef with cauliflower and broccoli bake with cheese and pork crackle crumble
  • Chicken Wings with blue cheese dressing and Swede chips
  • DESSERT:  GIN and lime cheesecake $8.00
  • Weekend brunch:  Chia seed and chocolate pudding with berry compote – yes its great for brunch or dessert !     $8.00  


Menu for Wednesday 22nd July (orders close Monday night) 

  • Mexican pork meatballs with fresh broccoli, cheese crisps crumble topping and a side of sour cream and Jalapeno
  • Moroccan chicken with grilled lemon and nutty couscous side of mayonnaise
  • Bacon, mushroom, garlic and Parmesan Jackson noodles in a creamy sauce
  • DESSERT:  Blood Orange slice  $5.00 
  •                     Berry and Cashew slice  $5.00
  •                     Hazelnut slice  $5.00


Menu for Thursday 23rd July    (orders close Tuesday night) 

  • Chicken korma (drumsticks) cauliflower rice, broccoli and baby spinach
  • Puled beef Poutine with swede chips, cheese and gravy
  • Asian Pork with Mung, beans, coriander, fresh mint and salted peanuts 
  • DESSERT:  Blood Orange slice  $5.00 
  •                     Berry and Cashew slice  $5.00
  •                     Hazelnut slice  $5.00



HOW TO ORDER:  Please EMAIL us at   [email protected] 

HOW TO PAY:  Once you have ordered, we will confirm with you and provide banking information for you.

COST: $16.00 per meal and these feed one person – a very good portion

CUT OFF TIME: 24 hours before

DELIVERY:  FREE Atawhai to Wakefield

HEATING:  Microwave or transfer into a dish/plate for the oven 😊


Please provide us with the following information when ordering
  • Your address
  • Any delivery instructions you might have – if you wont be home please leave a chilly bin/bag with icepacks at your door.
  • Cell phone Number so we can text you once we have arrived outside your house – these deliveries start from Atawhai from 1pm