Bringing you beautiful easy and convenient Keto Meals delivered to you work place or home between 3pm – 4.30pm.

Delivery is free between Nelson CBD and Brightwater – Atawhai and Wakefield Free with $30.00 spend or more.

Orders to be in at least 18 hours before the date below. 
Taking orders NOW for the following dates 
Just PM us your orders via our ketokwick facebook page or email 
Please provide your delivery address on ordering, along with your cell phone number and any delivery instructions 
For payments please deposit into Bank account    12 3193 0004131 00  Please use your name and KETO and the meal date as a reference
We have the following Available  Monday 23rd March 2020 
 Chicken with lemon and tarragon sauce, roasted cauliflower and green beans all topped with pork crackle crumble $16.00
 Roast lamb with Mint butter, cauliflower puree and chargrilled vege $16.00
 Bacon, chive and parmesan carbonara with konjac fettuccine $16.00
Mexican meatballs with broccoli and sour cream topped with Jalapeno. $16 
KETO Sushi Tuesday $12.00        9 pieces.
Get your order in by Monday 23rd March. PM us for your order. Pay online. Super Easy.
Pick up only. Between 12 and 3pm
Great takeaway option 
WEDNESDAY 25th March
 Thai red chicken curry with konjac noodles $16.00
Chicken jalapeno enchiladas…everyones favourite $16.00 
Pork belly with garlic parmesan sauce and chargrilled vege $16.00 
Beef, blue cheese butter with onion rings and chargrilled vege $16 
 MONDAY 30th March
 Chicken Saagwala with cauliflower rice $16.00
 Vege bake with a side of streaky bacon and hollandaise sauce $16.00
 Pork belly with stock gravy, cauliflower puree, broccoli and green beans $16.00
 Jamaican Beef with cauliflower puree and broccoli $16
All menus come withe following sweet /snack options
 Cream Cheese Jelly balls 5 for $7.50 or 10 for $13.00 Delicious.
 KetoKwicks own crisps great for spreads, plates etc. $8.00 bag
 kudos cheese ball $6.50
 Sweet Not Sugar slices.
Halzenut and Berry bounty $4.80
 Gin and elderflower cheesecake $6.80 or Cookies and Cream cheesecake